Structural Steel

30 years’ experience with structural steel

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Steel has overtaken any other product in the construction industry as a structural solution. It is hard wearing, light and strong and its abilities leave the options endless in terms of home design.

Your steel is there to create space in your home and carry the load of the building structure and we are here to help ensure your design is bought to life.

Your project may require a single beam or lintel, or it might be more complex and require a structure of interconnected sections or perhaps you need an entire frame for a new build home. What ever you need here at ‘Steels Direct’ we are here to help.

With over 30 years’ experience with structural steel we can help you bring your project to life, providing you with any of the structural steel sections you may need for your home project.

What steels you require will usually be decided by your structural engineer. They will look at the load and structure of your building and put together a drawing which will show where steels will be required and what type of sections they need to be. All you need to do is send us this drawing for us to be able to provide you with your free no obligation quotation today.

Let’s discuss your steels project and needs