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When you project requires more than a single beam or a couple of beams connected together it is refereed to as a steel structure.

From your initial home/extension design you will have had architectural drawings which will then have been passed on to a structural engineer who will advise what steel structure you need to support your build or extension.

All structures will be unique and bespoke to your individual project which is why all our quotations are also bespoke.

These structural engineer’s drawings are what we need for your free quotation. Send them us today!

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Steel sections are singular steel beams or columns that provide structural stability for building work. usually referred to as ‘RSJ’s’, ‘I-Beams’ or ‘Lintels’. They can be used individually to provide support when taking out a wall or putting in an additional window or door can be used in conjunction to once another creating a ‘structure’.

We are happy to provide individual sections or several sections as a structure, and can provide both on a 48 hour turn around from agreed sizes or drawings!

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Connections are structural elements used for joining different members of a structural steel frame work in different ways.

The main connections we have listed here with explanations of their uses.

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