Steel Finishes

Steel in it’s raw form is prone to rust and therefore needs to be finished to be suitable to be used in building projects

There are various ways of finishing steel to ensure it does not rust, the type of finish will depend on two main factors; where and how your steel is being used!

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Primed steel

Steel is coated in a zinc phosphate based paint which acts as a corrosion resistant seal. Knowing how many coats should be applied depends on where the steel will be installed, and whether this steel is exposed to oxygen on a regular basis or not.

To ensure optimum protection our steel is shot blasted to the industry standard of SA2.5 prior to the primer being applied using a spray method.

Our steel is always primed in our Sky Blue company colour. However, on request your steel can be primed in any RAL colour of your choice. Traditionally steels have been concealed within a buildings structure, plastered over, but more and more of our customers are choosing to use their steels as a feature and therefore want them painted to suit their interior design.

We can also offer fire resistant paint as an option if your project requires.

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Galvanised steel is typically used when steel is exposed to damp or wet areas consistently.

The galvanising process is where steel is coated in zinc by dipping the steel into molten zinc. Once it has cooled the zinc coverage protects the steel from having direct contact with the air and moisture that causes it to rust.

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